Beauty and relaxing garden with flower pot in cozy home on summer.

The 2019 Garden Walk gardeners have worked for years to create gardens that truly reflect their interests, talents and personality.  We don’t want to give away too much, but here’s a tiny snapshot of what you will experience as you explore these ten unique gardens.

The gardeners are very creative in their ability to repurpose materials such as broken chairs, old pieces of ironwork, reclaimed wood and stained glass, just to name a few. You will be surprised and amazed at the various ways our gardeners have taken these and other materials to create spaces that tell a story about themselves.

2019 Gardens:

2536 N Bellaire St.
2892 N Cherry St.
3401 N Eudora St.
3560 N Dahlia St.
2815 N Eudora St.
1945 N Locust St.
6225 E 17th Avenue

The featured gardeners for 2019 have literally extended their living space into their yards.  They have been designed to provide creative spaces for children to play, adult entertaining and areas for quiet reflection.  The energy as well as the tranquility found in these spaces is truly magical.

The use of color is evident everywhere.  Whether it is painted objects, the plants themselves or in art features, the use of color is just delightful.  It pulls you in and makes each space inviting in its own way.  You may find yourself just wanting to sit down and take it all in as best you can.

Raised garden beds are another feature in several of the gardens.  They come in all shapes and sizes and are made of a multitude of materials.  If you are thinking about creating a raised garden in your yard, you’ll definitely want to visit these gardens to get ideas that work for you.

Just to spark your interest further, here’s a small sample of the garden themes in this year’s line-up:

Arch green soft natural path walkway

  • Repurposers Extraordinaire – Do-it-yourselfers get extremely creative
  • Urban Farm – Colorado themed design
  • Jungle Gone Tame – From out-of-control to multiple use spaces
  • Let It Bee – Reused décor and artistry
  • Year-Round Outdoor Living – Reclaim, maximize and expand the purpose and usefulness
  • Low Maintenance Living – Artistic, reused elements and shared with community
  • Urban Oasis – Beauty and grace with family gatherings in mind
  • Vegetable Heaven – Community sharing with European flare

Here are some great shots from prior years!

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