Sustainability Mission: We are committed to producing a sustainable, zero waste event. We work to minimize waste and educate our supporters and customers in our sustainability efforts.


Sustainable Neighborhoods Program

GPHC participates in Denver’s Sustainable Neighborhoods Program giving residents the opportunity to become active partners in making Denver a vibrant and sustainable community. Neighborhoods participating in this unique certification program organize workshops, projects, and events that enhance the livability of their neighborhood and reduce residents’ ecological footprint. The sustainability effort for the Park Hill Garden Walk is part of our work towards maintaining our Outstanding sustainable neighborhood status.


Certifiably Green Denver

The Park Hill Garden Walk participates in Certifiably Green Denver (CGD) which implements a green event certification process for permitted events held on City property. The primary goals of the program are to increase participation and adoption of sustainable practices to minimize use of hazardous materials, improve energy efficiency and water conservation, and decrease the use of resources and generation of waste.


Waste & Waste Diversion

In an effort to avoid litter and to ensure that waste is probably disposed of, each house on the Park Hill Garden Walk will have trash and recycling bins available and accessible to event participants.

This year we will work to reduce the amount of waste that is produced by this event and divert disposable materials from landfill to recycling and compost. We will present our waste diversion numbers after the event.





We encourage participants to carpool, use public transit, or ride their bicycles to this event (bicycle corrals will be provided) – even if you own your own vehicle, this is a great opportunity to shake things up and try something new!

Don’t own a bicycle? Denver Bcycle is our city’s local bike share program.

Do you own a bicycle, but need a tune up? Stop by Bikes Together to have a mechanic look over your bike, or drop in during Fix Your Bike hours to do it yourself.

RTD Trip Planner will help you located the most efficient bus route to get you to your destination.

If you would like to carpool, we recommend working with the great folks at Way to Go.