2019 Featured Artists

Crocus flower in early spring. Colorful spring background.

1. Ginny Abblett, pastels, acrylics and oils, working en plein air. www.ginnyabblett.com
2. Jean B. Smith, decorative ceramic sculpture. www.jeanbsmith.com
3. James Dixon, metal sculpture. www.jad-art.net
4. Tiffany Miller Russell, paper sculpture, wildlife paper sculptures, working en plein air. www.wildlifeinpaper.com
6. Becky Richardson, paper art, origami flowers, working en plein air. richardson1821@comcast.net
7. Jody Hodges, jewelry.
8. Candace French, liquid oil and mixed media paintings. www.candacefrench.com
9. Amy Martin, pastels, watercolor, working en plein air. facebook @yoginidoctor
10. Sydney Summers, watercolors, working en plein air. sydster@q.com
11. Chris Kannen, landscape paintings. www.chriskannen.com
12. Paula Marinelli, multi-media drawings and collage. rubilyru@yahoo.com
13. Brandy Bixler, acrylic and watercolor. Brandybixlerart.com
14. Tanis Bula, watercolor and mixed media, working en plein air. www.tanisbula.com
15. Jeannie Paty, oil painting. www.jeanniepaty.com